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DV8 Sports and EPEC Golf are two separate entities as of 2018. dv8.store is owned by DV8 Sports, but is also an outlet to EPEC Golf. DV8 Sports plans to sell it’s own products separate to EPEC, including the incredibly popular and Kickstarter Funded DV8 Golf Set. DV8 Sports is located in Chicago, IL, and EPEC Golf headquarters resides in Atlanta Georgia.

Who We Are

“Perfect perfect golf clubs for a beginner & the triple bonus is that I can return them & have them resized for her as she grows out of this original size ordered!”

Carla MacynskiSubmitted Review

EPEC was created to excite young golfers with authentic products that perform and give the young golfer never before seen personalization and customization for their set.

We know our products cost a bit more upfront than some other competitive products. However as your young golfer grows we know you will feel good about using our unique upgrade process, saving up to 40% when compared to buying new sets every year.

Young golfers grow at an average of 3″ per year. It’s easy to see how it is difficult and costly for most families to continually buy new sets of clubs.


Excellent Support
Clubs compare cheaper to competitor
Clubs upgrade as your child grows
Unique design
Custom embroidered bag and color
Lifetime Warranty

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How do I track my order status?

Each set is built within 3-5 business days from the redemption of purchased codes or direct purchase through the website. FedEx tracking information will be provided at the time the order leaves our facility for delivery.

If you do not receive tracking information, please reach out to our customer service department: 844-399-9839


Yes. Our EPEC irons can be adjusted +/- 2 degrees of lie angle and +/- 1 degree of loft. If irons are damaged during the adjustment, EPEC warranty is voided.

Can I purchase single clubs?

Of course! Check them out under “SHOP”

I have a code. What do I do?

Visit epecgolf.com and follow their store instructions.

I've made an order here, now what?

An EPEC Representative will contact you via email to ask for the measurements of your child. You will also be asked what you would like embroidered on your bag. Any further questions are at EPEC’s discretion.

Something is wrong with my order. What do I do?

We strive for excellence, however we recognize that sometimes mistakes are made. If you find any problems with your order, please contact customer service. Someone from our team will make it right.

Please do not send any returns without authorization.

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