EPEC 9 Piece Set

EPEC 9 Piece Set


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EPEC Golf’s flagship product that upgrades as your young golfer grows. Every year when the player is taller and stronger, exchange your set to have it refitted, brand new for next season.

9-Club Set Includes:

Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 6 Iron, 7 Iron, 8 Iron, 9 Iron, PW, Putter, and Golf Bag

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The EPEC 9-Club Set is designed for the young golfer who plays often and sometimes competes.

This set has clubs selected to make it easy to cover the full spectrum of yardage needs and encourages skill development by using a fairway wood and more irons to support the young golfer’s established shot making ability.

• EPEC will always properly fit your child

• EPEC is less expensive over time versus the leading competitor

• EPEC offers customization that matches your young golfer’s identity.

Our role at EPEC is to help you maintain your young golfer’s swing fundamentals. At certain points, we can offer options that (add muscle) as they do.


When they have outgrown their initial EPEC set, usually after 9-12 months, we will give you the option to lengthen the shaft as the player grows, add a fresh grip, provide increased head weights as needed, and unique woods to maintain a more precise fit.

Set Options

5 Piece, 7 Piece, 9 Piece


  1. Travis B

    Nice quality. My son is 5 and the 42″ clubs fit him perfectly!

  2. Anonymous

    “These clubs are awesome, my little boy loves them.” -User wished to remain anonymous.

  3. Carla Macynski

    Perfect perfect golf clubs for a beginner & the triple bonus is that I can return them & have them resized for her as she grows out of this original size ordered! Nice assortment of clubs! Made well & definitely not cheapos!! The real deal!!

  4. Percy L. Taylor

    My grandson just started using the clubs today in a golf camp and he loves them. They are working out well!

  5. Anonymous

    “My daughter started using these clubs this past spring and it has made all the difference in the world. Her instructor said her previous set of clubs that were bought at a sporting goods store were not ideal for junior golfers. He said her swinging those store bought clubs were the equivalent of me trying to hit a golf ball with a broom.

    When she first swing the EPEC customizable golf clubs, you could tell an instant difference. She had clubs that were not too long or to heavy for her. The added bonus of these clubs are that you can send them back to the company as she grows and they will continue to customize the length and club head weight to fit her as she gets older and grows. Added benefit for me is that I will save money because I won’t have to buy a new set of clubs every year or two for her!”

    -User wished to remain anonymous

  6. Anonymous

    “We just ordered the EPEC clubs for my 10 year old daughter. We ended up getting her the advanced set due to the fact she’s been playing for a few years. These clubs are by far the best junior clubs we’ve come across. We have used another very popular brand for kids for both my older daughters for years because that’s all that was really available. These clubs are so much better in design and playability.

    Within the first few shots she noticed a huge difference in distance and trajectory. She immediately started hitting the ball higher than she ever could before. To know that she can grow with these clubs as she gets older is a key benefit as well. I’ve had no less than 5 junior sets in my garage at any given time. Those are all gone as we know we can just get these adjusted as she grows.

    I can’t recommend these highly enough for any junior golfer. Being able to hit clubs that play like adult clubs is a big benefit to keeping kids interested in the game.” – User wished to remain anonymous

  7. Justin Weeks

    These clubs arrived within days after bordering them. They were better quality than the previous kids clubs that I had bought my son. They were a fantastic deal and I’d recommend them to any parent trying to get their child into golf.

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